People need water to live.

Food sources need water to mature.

Without water, there is no food.


Our Mission

Water and food for all. 


Create intelligent, intuitive, attractive, impactful, and thoughtful water and energy conserving products that people everywhere will willingly adopt and enjoy.

Deliver practical solutions to create potable water where it is needed most and create a global tribe committed to helping one another.

Changing the Conservation CONVERSATION

Too often we are coerced into taking positive measures that reduce our water and energy footprint.

Preserving precious natural resources by intelligent use of technology to save water, energy, and money without compromising performance expectations or altering your daily habits, encourages everyone to willingly adopt and eagerly embrace our products.

Clean water is part of a cycle, a system. A system that has the power to change lives.

Clean water, sanitation, waste treatment, energy, economics.  They are all related. If one element is missing, the system does not function properly.  It's about the power of sustainable solutions tailored to the needs of those who can benefit the most.


We believe that we should leave our children a world that is better than we found it.  
A world with plenty of water and food for all.


We use technology and science to develop products and solutions that make sense.
Products that look good, and are simple to use - every day.


We look at what’s not working and why.  Then, we create solutions and design products that conserve and recycle our world’s limited natural resources.

Product Design

Every product we create delivers

  • true innovation

  • latest technology

  • highest quality

  • rapid return on investment

Delivering these attributes ensures

  • maximum conservation

  • minimum disruption of behaviors

  • economic advantage to use

  • enthusiastic adoption

  • continued use

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Solution Design 

No one solution fits all situations.

  • Every situation is more complex than it appears from the outside

  • Solutions must not be complex

  • Empowering people is always the best alternative

Epiphany US is committed to working with highly respected Partners In Change™ charities and NGOs focused on our mission.

Epiphany US and our parent company, Intelligent Green Products, will develop situation specific products required to create potable water where it is needed most.

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